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Baseball, Men's Basketball, Men's Cross Country, Men's Soccer, Men & Women's Swimming and Diving, Men's Tennis, Men & Women's Track and Field, Men's Volleyball, Men's Waterpolo, Men's Lacrosse, Women's Basketball, Women's Beach Volleyball, Cheer & Stunt, Softball, Women's Soccer, Women's Tennis, Women's Volleyball, Women's Waterpolo, Women's Lacrosse, Dance,

Art Programs to support:
Concordia Choir, Donne di Canto and Men's Chorus, Handbells, Jazz, Commercial/Worship Bands, Orchestras, Organ/Piano, Theatre, Visual Arts

Other programs to support:
All Nations Endowment, DCE Program, Counseling Services - Mental Health Awareness, School of Education - Credential, School of Education - MAED, School of Education - Ed.D, Campus Ministry (Student Discipleship), Moon International Center

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For several generations, astronomers have understood that stars had the potential to collide. Only recently has technology made it possible to objectively study the process. When two stars collide there is a massive release of energy and light. These encounters can create massive new stars and cause disruptive events that impact everything around it.

This is actually a great way to look at the Concordia University Irvine Gala of Stars. Our Gala of Stars is not made up of your typical stars. For us the stars are not actors or athletes, our stars are our STUDENTS. Students who are empowered to lives of learning, service and leadership. Students guided by the Great Commission of Christ Jesus to be launched into the world as agents of change, knowing that Loving God and loving each other are the greatest commandments.

But the students are not the only stars in our sky. You are also a star. Your prayers and support are critical to the mission of CUI. The friends and donors of CUI are essential to the mission of CUI and critical to the success of the Gala of Stars.

The Gala of Stars is where our stars collide.

When student potential meets donor support there is a massive release of energy and light. Energy in the form of the untapped futures of our wise, honorable, and cultivated citizen graduates. Alumni who spread out from CUI, emboldened to make a difference in their families, workplaces, and communities.

Light is released as these students live out their callings. In the words of Matthew 5, they become the light of the world, unhidden, undimmed, giving light to all they encounter.

Every student at CUI benefits from the gifts of our donors. Every donation has the potential to release energy and light. We ask that you consider joining us this year as we celebrate the 19th annual Concordia University Irvine Gala of Stars.

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